Friday Might be the Czech Republic’s Hottest Day Ever

As fires burn and wasps swarm, the country will challenge its record high temperature

The hottest day on record in the Czech Republic was on August 20, 2012, when a temperature of 40.4 °C was recorded in Dobřichovice, about 25 km southwest of Prague.

But with the country already in the midst of a historic drought, forecasted temperatures tomorrow are set to challenge that record high.

“Friday could become the hottest day of the year,” the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute’s Josef Hanzlík told

Temperatures for tomorrow are expected to reach highs of 34 to 38 °C, with the possibility of going even higher in some locations.

“In addition, it may be possible that the absolute highest temperature record of 40.4 °C could be surpassed,” Hanzlík said.

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The country is currently in the midst of a months-long drought that has seen forest fires spread across Moravia. In July, 20 people died in fires across the country, which reached over 2000 in number.

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Due to the heat, the country has also seen an increase in aggressive wasp behavoir. Recorded wasp attacks have tripled this summer compared to last year.

Last weekend, wasps claimed their first victim of the year, a man in Central Bohemia. 

The record high for this year was set on July 22, with average high temperatures recorded at 35.6 degrees across the country.

But temperatures tomorrow are forecasted to easily surpass that mark.

Try and stay cool this weekend.

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