Goodbye Summer! Snow Forecast in Czech Mountains

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute forecasts call for single-digit temperatures throughout the country early next week

The Czech Republic has experienced a pleasant Indian summer that has lasted throughout the month of September this year, with temperatures in the mid-20s in Prague today.

But October will bring a cooldown throughout the country, according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ).

Overcast skies and rainfall are expected in most areas of the Czech Republic over the weekend. By Monday, temperatures are forecasted in the mid-teens during the day and single digits at night.

Areas of high elevation may even see temperatures drop below zero, and could see snowfall.

“On Saturday, summer weather is finally over,” said ČHMÚ’s Petr Dvořák, as reported by Nova. “After Sunday it will quickly cool down.” 

“For a short time, it is possible that we will see snow across mountain ranges.”

Full forecasts can be seen at ČHMÚ’s official website

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