Guláš for Beginners: New Project Maps Czech Delicacies

A new project maps the myriad delicacies of the Czech lands and where to try them

The newly launched TasteAtlas project aims to offer an encyclopedic look at the flavors of the world by logging over 10,000 dishes and ingredients which include myriad entries on the delicacies of the Czech lands.

“Our mission is to mark the world’s dishes and ingredients, to save our grandmother’s traditional recipes from being forgotten and to encourage tourists to get to know different cultures through quality, authentic and local cuisine,” writes

The interactive map promises a list of the most authentic food for each destination, along with local restaurants where one can sample each dish.

Typical Czech dishes listed include sekaná, svíčková, guláš, chlebíčky, utopenci, fried cheese, and gingerbread.

The map also touches on selected beer varieties, of which no food map of Czechia would be complete without.

Seventy-two restaurants are listed in Prague as serving traditional Czech classics, a relatively small number, but suggestions for where to dig into hearty dumplings and the like are fairly spot on while the history of each dish will be informative for those who are new to the culinary history of the Czech Republic.

So where to begin on a culinary tour of Prague? The site lists as it’s Top 8 for trying guláš: Mlejnice, Ferdinanda, Strahov Monastery Brewery, Kolkovna, Cafe Louvre, U Fleku, U Kalicha, and The Pub.

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Don’t agree with the results? Tips are crowd-sourced, meaning users can log in as “food critics” and include their own tips for where to try everything from buchta to Žemlovka.

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