Holešovice to Get Its Own Náplavka Pedestrian Area

The former industrial zone, once a fishing village, could see a transformation as early as 2019, complete with bike path, leisure area, and wharf

What was formerly an industrial area, and originally fishing villages in the second-half of the 19th century, may once again become a busy center of riverside activity, similar to Prague’s popular Rašínovo nábřeží.

Prague city officials have announced that they would like to transform the entire length of the overgrown strip on the Vltava’s left bank, from Komunardů to Libeňský most, into a promenade, iDnes.cz is reporting.

The goal is to create a path for pedestrians and cyclists along the length of the Holešovice part of the Vltava, like the Náplavka areas in the center.

Last week, councilors selected architectural firm Rôssler Rybář to prepare a proposal for the building permit. 

“Around the middle area, we plan to reconstruct the former industrial area into a little harbor for boats,” said architect Martin Rybář. 

Neglected areas will first be cleaned and then a path cleared; furniture will eventually be installed and new trees planted, though the aim is to preserve the natural character of the area.

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Bubenské nábřeží near Pražská tržnice underwent a tranformation after the 2002 floods. There is curerntly a microbrewery along the banks of the Holešovice port.

If the building permit is approved within a year, the project could be realized as early as 2019.

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