An “I Love You” with a Rusty Pickaxe

Czech woman finds valentine from her boyfriend… embedded in her windshield with a rusty pickaxe

In Uherský Brod earlier this month, a woman found a rather disconcerting attempt at reconciliation after an argument with her boyfriend.

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According to, the woman discovered on her car a heart with an arrow through it made out of sheet metal, with “I love you” written on the face.

But it wasn’t just an innocent offering – it was embedded in her windshield with a rusty pickaxe.

The man, who apparently left the frightening love letter in an alcohol-fueled rage, has promised to pay for damages, which total 30,000 CZK. Still, he may face up to one year in prison for the act.

It’s unknown whether the couple have made amends.

The imagery recalls the 1981 movie (and its 2008 sequel) My Bloody Valentine, in which a masked killer dressed as a miner slices up teenagers on Valentine’s Day using a pickaxe.

Just in time for Halloween.

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