Iconic Czech singer Karel Gott is suffering from acute leukemia
Karel Gott in 2017 via Wikimedia / David Sedlecký

Iconic Czech singer Karel Gott is suffering from acute leukemia

Prague, Sept 12 (CTK) – Czech pop singer Karel Gott suffers from acute leukemia and is an outpatient of the Prague General University Hospital (VFN), he writes on Facebook page today.

He said the myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) was diagnosed to him about one and a half years ago. Despite several types of treatment, this disease turned into acute leukemia in the last several months, he added.

“I undergo outpatient treatment and come to the hospital for examinations in which doctors monitor my overall health condition,” Gott said on Facebook.

He asked media to respect the privacy of his family.

Gott, 80, had health problems in the past few years. In November 2015, he was diagnosed with a lymph node malignant tumorous disease known as Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In March 2016, he announced that the oncological treatment he had undergone was successful, and he said already then that he is not going to give up his music career after the serious disease.

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This July he had to cancel his concert at the festival Benatska! in Liberec, north Bohemia, which was to be his last public performance this year, because of an acute lung inflammation. He wanted to celebrate his 80th birthday, falling on July 14, at the festival.

In February 2018, Gott was treated in the VFN hospital with strong influenza. He had to cancel his concerts afterwards.

Gott has been at the top of Czech pop music for more than 60 years He is the winner of 42 Golden or Czech Nightingale awards for the best pop singer. He has many fans not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in Germany and elsewhere abroad.

Gott won the title of a Czech national artist in 1985 and president Vaclav Klaus decorated him with a state award for contribution to Czech culture in 2009.



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