IKEA Launches Czech E-Shop with Delivery

Customers in the Czech Republic can now get IKEA products delivered to their door – for an additional price

Earlier this year, it was announced that IKEA would be launching an online shop for customers in the Czech Republic.

The Swedish furniture giant – long a dominant presence on the Czech furniture market thanks to its wide selection of affordable, build-it-yourself furniture – has long lacked an option for local online purchasing and delivery.

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Today, IKEA unexpectedly launched their online shop sooner than expected, and local customers can (finally) order online.

The service, called “Click and Collect,” gives customers the ability to choose products online, pay via credit card, and have them shipped to their door.

“Our customers have long and strongly demanded an option to buy IKEA products via the Internet, so we all love to be able to now offer it,” said Marek Feltl, CEO of IKEA Czech Republic, in a press release.

Online payments have been available since June; according to the press release, 500 customers made use of the service in the first few weeks it was launched. But they still needed to come to the store to pick up their goods.

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Now, they can get them delivered to their door – for an additional cost.

Delivery prices are based on the cost of the goods ordered and the IKEA branch purchased from. Details can be found on IKEA’s official website

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The cost of delivery from Prague’s Zličín branch, for example, would be 600 CZK for goods up to 5,000 CZK, 900 CZK for goods from 5,000 – 10,000 CZK, and so on. The branch services all of Prague and much of the surrounding area.

The “Click and Collect” service is only a temporary solution for IKEA’s online presence in the Czech Republic. By 2018-9, the company plans to launch a full-fledged e-commerce business in the country, reports iDnes.cz.

More information about the “Click and Collect” service can be found at IKEA.cz.

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