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Incredibly hot June broke Prague’s all-time record

June was two degrees warmer than the previous record holder, and also had the hottest day on record

This June was the hottest one ever recorded at Prague’s Klementinum since record keeping began in 1775, with an average of 24.5 degrees Celsius. This was two degrees warmer than the previous record holder, June 1811.

It was not the hottest month ever in Prague, though, as August 1807 and July 2006 both beat it, according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ).

Compared to long-term average calculated between 1981 to 2010, this June was 5.7 degrees warmer than normal.

In the long term, July tends to be the hottest month of the year in Prague, and the June record would be above average even for a typical July.

The highest average daily temperature this June measured at the Klementinum on June 26 was 31.3 degrees, which was another all-time record for the month. A higher average daily temperature was recorded only on July 27, 1782, with an average of 31.9 degrees.

The June also saw the absolute temperature record for the Klementinum on June 30, with 37.9 degrees, beating July 1983 and July 2013 by a tenth of a degree. The daily temperature average for that day, however, only reached 29.4 degrees Celsius. June saw records fall across much of the Czech Republic.

For the first time on record, no day in June fell below by 20 degrees at the Klementinum. The lowest average daily temperature in June was 20.5 degrees. The closest was in June 1781 and 1889, when the lowest average daily temperature was 17.1 degrees.

The trend of higher temperatures in recent years has been attributed by scientists to global warming linked to an increase in greenhouse gasses from human actions.

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