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Indian Actor Vir Das Accuses Prague Cafe of Racism

In town filming the first season of Whiskey Cavalier, Indian actor and comedian Vir Das had an unfortunately negative experience at Café Café

Indian actor and comedian Vir Das is currently in Prague shooting the first season of ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier – which also stars Lauren Cohan and Scott Foley, who has moved his family to the Czech capital – but while most of his experiences in the city have been positive, one left a bad taste in his mouth.

“Guys, if you’re ever in Prague. Heads up Cafe Cafe…. don’t really like serving brown people,” Das wrote in a since-deleted Tweet.

“We sat down and got ignored. Called out six times, ignored us. Was with my parents. We left. Help spread the word so they know we exist and can be treated equally?”

According to additional information Das posted to his Twitter account, which has nearly eight million followers, waiters at central Prague venue Café Café purposefully ignored his requests for service – – and their motivation was transparent.

“I’m gonna add to this and say I realize this is a strong statement. I do,” Das clarified.

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“I don’t make it lightly. I’ve seen the subtle behaviour, this couldn’t have been more blatant. It was almost funny. I write this because this cafe is owned by someone, who employs people. They should be aware.”

Richard Hrádek, Café Café owner, told ČTK that the incident was a misunderstanding and excluded the possibility of racism. He also personally reached out to the actor, apologized, and sent him a cake.

Apparently satisfied with the owner’s response, Das subsequently deleted the original tweet. Still, Café Café has felt its impact, receiving numerous negative reviews and comments on Facebook after Das tweeted.

For Das, the Café Café experience in Prague has been a rare unfortunate one.

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