Kaufland Supermarket Sacks Swastika-Inked Cashier

Kaufland Supermarket Sacks Swastika-Inked Cashier

The German supermarket chain Kaufland is trending across social networks right now after a customer shopping in the Michle branch of one of its Prague locations spotted an employee sporting some seriously ill-advised ink.

In addition to a swastika, the controversial tattoo also depicts a man with his right hand raised and a gate resembling the entrance to a work camp. Extra.cz, who first broke the story, identified the owner of the forearm tattoo only as Miriam.

[See a short video shot by the customer here.]

The Czech tabloid spoke with deputy store manager Gabriela Kociánová yesterday, who said that Miriam was a temp worker who had only been with the retailer a short time.

Kaufland found out about her tattoos via social media and, “Immediately ended our cooperation,” Ms. Kociánová told the publication, noting that there were other issues with the employee aside from her poor choice of body art.

Naturally, the comment brigade is all over this one, with numerous commenters pointing out the unfortunate irony of the Kaufland slogan (With Love from Česko) right about now and endless memes rolling in.

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Supermarket chain Lidl experienced its own social media scandal earlier this year; unlike its sister company, Kaufland has yet to make a statement on its Facebook page.


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