Kladno Man Goes on Naked Rampage, Claims He’s Werewolf

Police outside of Prague were alerted to a naked man smashing cars and chasing pedestrians on Monday night

Police in the town of Kladno, just outside of Prague, responded to an unusual call Monday night when reports of a naked man running the center of the city came in, reports Týdeník Policie

In CCTV video footage, the man can be seen running through the middle of a road and chasing down a passerby. He appears to be screaming at the man.

Later, footage from within the responding police car shows the man jumping on the windshield and smashing it.

While the police video is hard to make out, Týdeník Policie reports that “when the policeman in pursuit left the vehicle, the injured man hurled himself at him senselessly and started punching and kicking him.”

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Eventually, the man was subdued and transported to a local hospital due to the extent of his injuries. He left damage to several glass doors and five parked vehicles, and minor injuries to the two policemen in his path.

Photos from the scene reveal the extent of the damage to the police car, a shattered windshield and bloody footprints tracking up the hood of the vehicle.

After treatment at the hospital, the man claimed he was a werewolf. He has since been detained at a psychiatric facility. 

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Photo: City Police Kladno

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