La Dolce Czechia: ČR Ahead of Italy, Portugal In New Quality of Life Ranking
Pictured: Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

La Dolce Czechia: ČR Ahead of Italy, Portugal In New Quality of Life Ranking

The results from a new analysis by the Boston Consulting Group ranked quality of life in 152 countries.

Ten areas were assessed to achieve the 2018 Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA): economic growth (gross domestic product), economic stability, labor market situation (unemployment), healthcare quality, infrastructure (transport and Internet connection), public administration, education and the environment, and the status of so-called civil society.

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Publicly available data was used to compile the rankings which landed the Czech Republic in the 25th position with a score of 71.1 percent, scoring well in the criteria of equality (income or access to education), economic stability and the quality of health care – negatives were the relatively lower level of earnings (assets) and the quality of the environment.

The Czech Republic outranked Italy, Portugal, Estonia, Poland, and Slovakia.

Only three non-European states, Singapore (no.7), Australia (no. 13), and New Zealand (no.14) ranked in the top fifteen, according to the SEDA index.

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Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Luxembourg, and Denmark comprised the top five, respectively.

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