Letná Museum Opens Courtyard Garden with Vintage Carousel
Photo: National Museum of Agriculture archive

Letná Museum Opens Courtyard Garden with Vintage Carousel

The National Museum of Agriculture, to commemorate 100 years of the First Czechoslovak Republic, will open a stylized First Republic courtyard today.

Visitors to the Letná museum will become acquainted with the landscaping of the era via flower beds, garden gazebos, pergolas, and benches typical of pre-war architecture.

For the smallest visitors, a historic carousel with animal motifs and a swing awaits amid the flower garden.

The inspiration for the garden was, aside from First Rebuplic architecture, the theme of a city pilgrimage. The exhibition continues on the roof of the museum, which offers a unique view of Prague.

“The exhibition is to commemorate the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Republic, as well as an example of the gardening skills of our ancestors,” says Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman.

“The mission of the museum is not only a service to visitors but also a long-term scientific activity. It can have different outputs, professional publications, lectures, and also a new exposition in the form of a garden,” adds Milan Jan Půček, Director General of the National Museum of Agriculture.

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In the courtyard of the museum, there is a small garden farm with animals, a garden restaurant, and newly laid lawn.

The garden architects of the First Republic were important to all areas of construction, from the modifications of the gardens of the Prague Castle to important sports complexes and a number of private villa gardens, making them an important part of the national cultural heritage.

Another vintage carousel from the 19th century, among Europe’s oldest and formerly housed in Letná park, is currently being restored by the National Technical Museum and is due to re-open later this summer.

Elizabeth Haas

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