Lidl to Launch Grocery Delivery Service this Year

Lidl to Launch Grocery Delivery Service this Year

In Germany this spring, Internet giant Amazon launched online sales of food—in response, a host of German discount supermarkets are looking to expand their online presence; including some of them with brick and mortar shops in the Czech Republic.

Penny Market has announced that it will go online in Germany, though plans to offer a delivery service in the Czech Republic have not yet been confirmed. is reporting that Lidl, however, should be launching its e-shop in the Czech Republic sometime this year.

“We can confirm that we plan to start in the course of the year. The exact date will be specified in advance and released,” Lidl spokeswoman Zuzana Holá told the publication. 

The company confirmed that, from the onset, the service will be available throughout the entire Czech Republic.

Fresh food delivery and online grocery sales launched in the Czech Republic with Tesco in 2012. 

E-shops like Rohlí, Koší, and Koloniá began to appear on the Czech market shortly thereafter.

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Lidl competitors, retail chains such as Globus, Kaufland, Albert, and Billa have not yet confirmed their intention to offer delivery services.

For a complete review of Czech grocery delivery services, see our article Grocery Delivery Gets Competitive In Prague.

Earlier this summer it was also announced that DM drugstore would soon be launching an online service. is a comprehensive and popular portal for the English-speaking community, offering a wide range of information geared toward foreigners living and working in Prague and the Czech Republic.

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