May in Prague, Czech Republic

Life in the Czech Republic may return to normal by end of May, says PM Babiš

Life in the Czech Republic may return to normalcy at the end of May or in June the Prime Minister told Blesk today

Prague, April 2 (CTK) – Life in the Czech Republic may return to normalcy at the end of May or in June, Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) told the server today.

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When it comes to the coronavirus epidemic, late April will be the breaking point, Babis said, adding that by that time some 10,000-15,000 COVID-19 cases may occur.

When coping with the epidemic, the Czech Republic was inspired by Singapore and Hong Kong, Babis said.

“I am optimistic, the developments have been positive. I have the curves showing the situation in Italy, Spain and Austria. In the European average, we are doing very well,” Babis said.

The breaking point will come in late April. “It may start falling in around May and in June, this may return to absolute normalcy,” he added.

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The state is doing its utmost for the June “return to normalcy,” but much will also depend on the rest of Europe, he noted.

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The first measures might be lifted after Easter. At first, some small shops may reopen, Babis said. However, some rules will still have to be observed there, with clients keeping distance and observing sanitary instructions, Babis said.

The shops may be followed by the reopening of schools, then of cafeterias and only later of restaurants and nightclubs.

“We must survive the Easter in a way, at home and in quiet. Let us hope we will be able to flatten the infection curve. After Easter, we will want a concrete plan of reopening of the establishments,” he added.

The government does not plan to introduce any further limitations over the coronavirus crisis, Babis said.

The coronavirus crisis may speed up the digitalisation of the state, Babis said.

After the pandemic is over, cost-saving may follow, he added.

Politicians might give part of their salaries to charity, Babis said.

Due to the coronavirus, the government has increased the state budget deficit from the original 40 to 200 billion crowns.

“There are reserves in the administration of the state. The crisis may help to accelerate the digitalisation of the state as we will simplify some procedures. Naturally, we will have to economise,” Babis said.

Schools are to start reopening gradually, at first kindergartens, followed by elementary schools, Babis said.

Czech schools have been closed since mid-March.

The government will unveil the plan to reopen schools after Easter, Babis said.

“I have not had any tests. I would, if I had any symptoms or problems,” he added.

Babis said his daughter was in quarantine, due to which he lived separately from his family.

Czech Television said Babis’s assistants had tested negative on COVID-19.

There are 3,604 coronavirus cases and the COVID-19 death toll is now 40 in the Czech Republic.

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