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Limited-edition Prague-themed cups to encourage the reduction of plastic waste

An award-winning children's book illustrator is brightening up returnable cups along Prague's riverbanks
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If you’ve hung out on Prague’s riverbanks lately you may have spied a colorful new addition to the scene: reusable cups adorned with a waterfront motif by award-winning Czech illustrator Nikola Logosová.

Launched in late June, the limited-edition returnables are meant to increase the use of this environmentally friendly beverage packaging at farmers’ markets and other events. A total of 5,000 0.3 liter reusable cups featuring playful designs (swan, ferries, and waterfront scenes) from the artists’ “Riverfront” series are currently in circulation.

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Limited-edition Prague-themed cups to encourage the reduction of plastic waste

“We are doing a limited edition to open up the opportunity to work with top artists and to popularize the reciprocating cups service,” said Jiří Sulženko, of Trade Center Praha, which manages Pražské Náplavky. “Nikola is a great artist and I believe that her design will also help people to use the cups elsewhere than just on the riverbanks.”

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Logosová is a recipient of the Most Beautiful Book of the Year and Golden Ribbon. She illustrates children’s books and has worked with the Najbrt studio, Hospodářské noviny, Meetfactory, Nový prostor, and Škoda.

Fans of her work can find a special series of design items available for sale at Pragtique stores with locations at Mostecká 20 and Národní 37. Reusable cups from Náplavka vendors require a 50 CZK deposit.

Limited-edition Prague-themed cups to encourage the reduction of plastic waste
Logosova’s work for popular children’s magazine Raketa (via Facebook)

“Half-liter returnable cups have been used on the riverbank since September last year. They were the first to be introduced on the farmers’ markets and were gradually adopted by the majority of shipowners as well as organizers of one-off events,” said Jan Chabr, Prague City Councilor for Property.

He added: “In the meantime, 25,000 returnables have been used repeatedly on the riverbanks between September 2018 and June 2019, which corresponds to the savings of nearly 21 large plastic waste containers. These are, I think, great numbers. I believe that the unique edition with the riverside motif will contribute to their growing popularity.”

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Chabr says that depending on public interest, the issuing of limited-edition returnable cups with unique Prague motifs may continue in the future.

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