Live Nude Models at Rudolfinum

Roger Hiorns’ unusual installation extended through August 16 to run with Prague Pride

Since June, visitors to the Rudolfinum have had the opportunity to see the latest unusual installation from UK artist Roger Hiorns.

The exhibition features sculptures made from the brain matter of calves, and a jet engine that has been melted down into a powder and turned into a large carpet.

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But the most striking elements of the exhibition are the naked young men who accompany some of the art pieces.

While gallery patrons browse the exhibits, actors undress and “become present” on the objects, usually by sitting on or next to them and appearing to be deep in thought.

In 2009, Hiorns was shortlisted for a Turner Prize for his installation Seizure, in which he covered an entire ex-council flat in London with copper sulfate crystals.

Originally scheduled to run through August 8, the Hiorns exhibit at Rudolfinum has been extended to run through August 16 to coincide with this year’s Prague Pride festival

More information about the exhibit can be found at the Rudolfinum’s website.

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