Fireworks over Prague's Charles Bridge

Prague 2 confirms alternative New Year’s Day fireworks show

A time and place has been announced for an alternative New Year’s Day fireworks show in Prague 2
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A time and place has been announced for the alternative New Year’s Day fireworks show, announced in response to Prague City Hall’s decision to have a videomapping instead.

The Town Hall of Prague 2 has given its patronage a January 1, 2020, fireworks show at 6 pm in the Bastion area, part of the former town walls near the Nusle Bridge. The fireworks will be launched from near the Czech Police Museum and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Charles the Great (Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie a sv. Karla Velikého).

The show will be called Divine Prague (Praha božská). Good viewing points will be from in front of the Congress Center, the wall of Vyšehrad, Nusle, and the Nusle Bridge (Nuselský most).

New Year's Day fireworks
New Year’s Day fireworks in Prague. via Raymond Johnston

“We are sure that most Prague citizens are bothered by the all-day, amateur firing of pyrotechnics, which is mostly uncontrolled and is thus a great psychological burden for small children and animals. In this regard, we consider a 15-minute organized presentation of professional fireworks to celebrate the New Year to be dignified in what is inherently one of the European and world capitals,” Prague 2 Deputy Mayor Jan Korseska said, according to website Miliju Praha, which first reported the news.

The fireworks show is also part of a campaign called Nebudu střílet (I Will Not Shoot), aimed at limiting amateur use of fireworks.

The company that has provided the official city fireworks show for the past several years announced in October that they would organize a show, despite City Hall’s move to have a light show instead. The location, however, was kept secret to prevent City Hall from blocking the plan before it was finalized.

Bastion at the Church of the Assumption and St. Charles the Great. via Raymond Johnston

City Hall announced in August that the annual fireworks would not happen due to concerns over noise affecting pets and wildlife, as well as pollution. In October, they announced that a videomapping would take place at Wenceslas Square on the Historical Building of the National Museum.

“It is a helpful step not only for all citizens of the metropolis who are sensitive to excessive noise, but also for animals that face unnecessary stress every year. I believe that everyone will enjoy the new form of New Year celebrations, and I am glad that we unanimously agreed on it,” Prague City Councilor Jan Chabr (United Force for Prague) said in August.

City Hall spokesman Vít Hofman told daily Blesk that from a legal standpoint, nothing was preventing the fireworks show, and permission from City Hall was not required.

November 17 videomapping
November 17 videomapping on the National Musem. via Raymond Johnston

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