Magdalena Kytnerová via Město Kroměříž,

Magdalena Kytnerová, oldest living Czech, dies at age 108

The oldest inhabitant of the Czech Republic has died at the age of 108, reports Czech TV

Kromeriz, South Moravia, Dec 8 (CTK) – The oldest inhabitant of the Czech Republic, Magdalena Kytnerova, living in Kromeriz, has died at the age of 108, Czech TV reported tonight.

Kromeriz Town Hall spokesman Jan Vondrasek confirmed to CTK that Kytnerova lived in Kromeriz, but he said the town had no information about her death.

Kytnerova was born in Austria on March 17, 1911.

She talked to reporters in October 2017 when she cast her vote in the general election at the age of 106 years. She said that she participated in elections regularly and was following developments in the country.

She liked to read books, watch TV and listen to radio.

During the celebration of her birthday two years ago, the town wrote on its website that she has a simple formula for longevity: she eats and drinks what she likes and does what she enjoys.

Her son and his wife looked after her. However, at her high age, Kytnerova used a mobile phone and was in touch with her daughter living abroad via Skype, the Town Hall wrote on its website in 2017.

Kytnerova became an orphan as a child.

“She did not have an easy life. But she is of such a nature that she takes nothing seriously, taking everything easy, with a bird’s eye view,” her son Vaclav Kytner told reporters two years ago.

In August, the previous oldest Czech woman, Marie Schwarzova, from Brno-Zidenice, died at the age of 109.

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