The Majority of Czechs Think the Office Christmas Party Is Lame

Awkward conversations, drunken mishaps, long-winded speeches by management—whoever thought the office Christmas party was a good idea in the first place?
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Awkward conversations, drunken mishaps you’ll spend all year living down, long-winded speeches by management—whoever thought the office Christmas party was a good idea in the first place?

A newly released study by Grafton Recruitment says that while a vast majority of employers (an estimated 75 percent in 2016) organize these celebrations, it’s actually a benefit that most employees, particularly those in the manufacturing sector, don’t consider a benefit at all.

Over 90 percent of those surveyed said that a Christmas bonus is one of the most coveted benefits—a benefit that less than 60% actually receive.

The least desired job perk? The annual Christmas party. 

Instead of boozy bashes, the workers surveyed were more interested in enrichment offerings like language courses, business classes, and job flexibility.

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Top 5 Most Desirable Benefits:

  • 13th or 14th salary/regular bonuses
  • Housing allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • Language training
  • Paid short-term illness, sick days

Top 5 Least Desirable Benefits

  • Christmas party
  • Sporting and social events
  • Gifts from employer
  • Refreshments in the workplace
  • Individual health care
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What can an Expat earn in Prague?

Freelance Teachers and Private school Teachers

RoleMin EURMax EUR
Freelance Language Teacher 8 (per hour) 20 (per hour - business level)
Private School Teacher7501200

IT & Telecommunications

RoleMin EURMax EUR
IT Administration/ Operations14002200
Technical Support (Team leader) 18002500
Development (3-5 years experience) 20004000
IT Consulting - ERP consultant 22003200

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RoleMin KČMax KČ
Project Management - Delivery Manager75,000110,000
R&D - Test Engineer29,00040,000
Manufacturing - Product Supervisor23,00040,000
Purchasing & Logistics - Transport Coordinator29.00036,000
Technical Sales - Support29,00036,000

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Sales, Retail & Marketing

RoleMin EURMax EUR
Sales representative (1-3 years experience) 9001800
Retail - Department Manager9001400
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Banking & Financial Services

RoleMin EURMax EUR
Banking - Corporate Banker11002200
Finance & Accounting - Financial Analyst13001900
Tax Consultancy & Audit - Auditor (up to 3 years experience)9001400

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RoleMin EURMax EUR
Marketing - Online Marketing Specialist13001800

Customer Service / SSC / BPO Services

RoleMin EURMax EUR
Customer Service - Order Entry Clerk with Languages9001100
Sales - Inbound Telesales with Languages9001600
Technical Support - Level 111001300
Procurement - Manager18002900
HR - Payroll Practitioner9001300
Finance - AP Analyst9001000

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