Tractor Dumps Manure Into Czech Family’s Home

A family in Čestice u Volyně was in for an unpleasant surprise last week when a load of manure was dumped into their living room

Remember that scene in Back to the Future when Biff crashes rear ends a truck and winds up with a Ford Super Deluxe full of manure?

Well, a similar incident occurred last week in Čestice u Volyně when a tractor carrying a load of manure made its way through the town.

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The driver apparently mishandled a curve, flipped over, and crashed into a house – covering the façade with poo and dumping more of it through the windows and into the unfortunate family’s living room. TV Nova covered the incident over the weekend (at 17:26).

The driver was not under the influence of alcohol, according to an on-the-spot breath test.

Preliminary estimates put the damage in the range of 1 million CZK. The cleanup couldn’t have been much fun – especially for the family, who will likely face the lingering smell for some time to come.

The town’s fire department shared photos of the messy aftermath to Facebook.

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Photo: Facebook / Hasiči Čestice
Photo: Facebook / Hasiči Čestice

Photo: Facebook / Hasiči Čestice
Photo: Facebook / Hasiči Čestice

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