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Medusa World jellyfish aquarium to spread its tentacles in Prague

Prague's newest marine attraction is due to open on the rooftop of the Arkády Pankrác shopping center by the end of the year

A new marine-life attraction is due to arrive in Prague soon. The two-floor “jellyfish” house with 38 aquariums and 10,000 jellyfish of all sizes will comprise an area of roughly 700 m2.

The highlight of the collection will be the world’s most venomous sea creature, the box jellyfish.

World of Jellyfish (Svět Medúz) will be located on the roof of Prague’s Arkády Pankrác shopping center. It will purportedly house the world’s largest spherical aquarium, which project backers hope to have entered into the Guinness Book of Records, as well as an interactive children’s playroom, a slide-through aquarium, and bistro.

Medusa World jellyfish aquarium to spread its tentacles in Prague

A time-lapse documentary about the construction of the World of Jellyfish is slated to air on TV Nova in the run-up to its opening. The aquarium also hopes to target foreign tourists, who, its owners believe, will be attracted to the Guinness Record angle.

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Arkády Pankrác is one of 90 shopping centers in the Czech Republic. Since January it has been undergoing a large scale restructuring with existing shops being rebuilt and new brands being added.

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The World of Jellyfish should open by the end of the year. Visitors can also expect videomapping and special effects. To date, Prague’s largest aquarium is Mořský Svět located in the Prague Výstaviště complex in Holešovice. Its relocation is currently under consideration by the city.

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