Meth via EMS: Breaking Bad, Czech Style

Příbram drug dealers pose as paramedics to transport methamphetamine in unusual, ingenious scheme

A pair of drug dealers who posed as paramedics to transport their goods were recently apprehended in Příbram, reports

The story reads like a scenario from TV’s Breaking Bad.

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The duo purchased a used ambulance to transport methamphetamine while avoiding police controls. One of the men would pose as the ambulance driver, and the other a patient.

You might think posing as fake paramedics would draw attention to the pair, but they got away with it for more than a year. Over the past 18 months, they made 19 million crowns employing the unusual method.

Last week, however, their luck ran out as both were arrested during a police raid on a nondescript residential building.

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“Several residential and non-residential searches resulted in the discovery of a complete drug lab, chemicals, half a kilogram of methamphetamine, five firearms, three of which were illegally owned including a submachine gun equipped with a scope and silencer, and 500 pieces of ammunition,” said police spokeswoman Monika Schindlová.

If convicted, each of the men faces eight to twelve years in prison.

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