Michael Moore praises Czech documentary on US defense

Film maps story of US plan to install anti-missile radar near Prague

“Czech Peace is the best documentary I have seen for the last year,” said American filmmaker Michael Moore when he was introducing the worldwide premiere of the Czech documentary at the Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan, US.

The movie directed by Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda focuses on the tumultous story of the US plan to install an anti-missile radar in the Brdy zone near Prague, Czech Republic.

Moore stated he appreciates the documentary above all for its ability to grasp important topics with ease and humor.

The film premiered at the State Theatre on 30 July, with a full house. The premiere was followed by an hour-long discussion, with Moore as moderator. Later, Moore offered the directors that he would like to present the movie in US theaters within his project called “Michal Moore presents”.

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Klusák and Remunda have been already awarded at Moore’s festival once – in 2005, for their previous documentary called Czech Dream (Český sen) in which they documented their sociological experiment that consisted of promoting an nonexistent hypermarket. Czech Dream received awards at festivals all over the world.

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“So much fuss, news stories, cries and passion for a chimera. In Czech Dream, crowd was running towards a tilt, believing there was a shopping heaven behind it. And in Czech Peace, both sides argue hotly for something that Obama discarded, as if he waved a presidential wand, in a short  midnight phone call,” the authors said.

The movie co-produced by the public-service Czech Television shows Barack Obama, George W. Bush, former Czech PM Mirek Topolánek, PR expert Tomáš Klvaňa contracted by the government to promote the US project, activist Jan Neoral who spearheaded the anti-campaign, and other people.

“It is a relief to laugh at self-centered politicians and at oneself,” Klusák and Remunda said.

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