Miloš Zeman Endorses Trump, Slams Obama

“If I were an American citizen, I would vote for Donald Trump” the Czech president stated during an interview with iDnes yesterday

The world is watching this year’s US presidential race more closely than any before, as former first lady Hillary Clinton and billionaire real estate mogul and former reality TV star Donald Trump face off this autumn.

And world leaders are even weighing in, with Russian president Vladimir Putin showing some love for the Republican nominee on a number of occasions.

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Now, Trump has found another friend in Europe: Czech president Miloš Zeman, who said he would vote for Trump during an interview with iDnes online TV program Shootout yesterday

In Zeman’s views, current US President Barack Obama’s foreign policy has led to a breakdown of relations in the Middle East.

“His name is associated with a number of setbacks,” the Czech president told iDnes editor Jaroslav Plesl. And a Clinton-led nation, according to Zeman, would continue that trend.

“If I were an American citizen, I would vote for Donald Trump.”

Zeman compared Trump’s candidacy to that of Ronald Reagan, a former actor who was “openly mocked” by opponents.

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“And yet he was one of the greatest American presidents,” Zeman opined.

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News if Zeman’s endorsement immediately spread to international media through Bloomberg, Yahoo, and other outlets.

But Zeman’s Trump support probably didn’t surprise anyone familiar with the views of the Czech president, who urged citizens to arm themselves and proposed building a wall to keep out migrants earlier this summer

Trump, too, has strong Czech ties. First wife Ivana, with whom Trump has three children, hails from Moravia. Mother-in-law Marie Zelníčková, 90, showed her support for the presidential nominee earlier this year.

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