Miloš Zeman is world’s most trustworthy politician, according to Czechs
Miloš Zeman at the Polish Senate in 2013 via Wikimedia / Michał Józefaciuk

Miloš Zeman is world’s most trustworthy politician, according to Czechs

Half of Czechs find their president to be trustworthy, according to a December 2018 poll of world politicians conducted by the Czech Public Opinion Research Center that led to some interesting results.

More than 1000 Czech respondents were asked to express their confidence in 23 presidents, prime ministers, and other important figures in world politics by whether they found them trustworthy, untrustworthy, did not know the politician, or did not have an opinion on them.

While 43% of respondents indicated that they found Zeman untrustworthy, the 50% that felt the other way was enough to deem him the most-trusted politician among those surveyed. Interestingly enough, 2% of respondents indicated that they did not know Miloš Zeman.

The V4 countries fared well, with Slovak President Andrej Kiska coming in second (44% trustworthy), Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán third (34%), and Polish President Andrzej Duda eighth (20%).

Perhaps surprisingly, British Prime Minister Theresa May was the fourth most-trusted world politician among Czechs (32% trustworthy), followed by French President Emmanuel Macron (31%).

Angela Merkel was deemed to be the least-trustworthy politician in the list, with a whopping 70% of Czech respondents expressing distrust the German Chancellor, compared to 21% finding her trustworthy.

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Merkel was found to be more untrustworthy than Donald Trump (68% untrustworthy), Vladimir Putin (67%) and Kim Jong-un (66%). Jong-un had the largest trust discrepancy, with only 3% of respondents expressing trust in the North Korean leader.

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