Mobile Signal Plan in Prague Metro Gets Stronger

The city’s mobile operators have signed a joint agreement for mobile coverage throughout Prague metro tunnels

Last year, we wrote about a pilot plan for mobile coverage in Prague’s metro tunnels.

Currently, the four new stations on the green A line between Bořislavka to Motol feature uninterrupted mobile and internet coverage.

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Soon, that coverage could see expansion throughout the rest of the Prague metro system.

Prague’s mobile operators – Vodafone, T-Mobile, and O2 – have signed a joint declaration for on the implementation of mobile coverage in Prague’s extensive metro tunnels, reports

“Yes, we can confirm that Vodafone, T-Mobile and CETIN, which builds O2s infrastructure, have approached City Hall with a request to be responsible for the project to ensure mobile coverage of Prague’s metro system,” confirmed T-Mobile spokesperson Patricie Šedivá, as reported by

“We cannot provide further information at this moment, as we are waiting for the talks to begin.”

When we can expect full coverage to be implemented is still unclear, as the operators have yet to hold negotiations about the practical implementation of the coverage.

But dropping your call while on the Prague Metro is getting closer to becoming a thing of the past. 

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