Moravian Thieves Steal 12 Hectares of Corn

Heist on the cob: 860,000 CZK worth of corn illegally harvested in Olomouc region

If you’ve ever looked at a field of unguarded harvest-ready crops and wondered what you’d be able to do with some tractors, harvesting equipment, and a fleet of eighteen-wheeler getaway vehicles, you’re not alone.

Thieves in the Olomouc region have managed to harvest and abscond with 13 hectares of corn from a local field.

The corn – valued at 860,000 CZK – was harvested over a single night, and the crime reported to police on Monday morning.

Police are currently investigating the incredible heist, but have yet to turn up a suspect. Due to the value of the corn, perpetrators may face up to two years in prison.

Given the technology and manpower needed to pull off such a heist, initial theories are that the harvest may have been a mistake, or the culprit was motivated by revenge, according to iDnes

It’s not the only unusual robbery in the area.

Earlier this year, dairy employees made off with 86 kg of cheese wheels. Other thefts in recent years have included eleven pallets of laundry detergent and three tons of chicken breasts

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In 2012, thieves stole an entire ski lift – poles, pulleys, and a kilometer-long cable – in the town of Desná.

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