More storm clouds expected to drench the Czech Republic later again this week

Get out your umbrellas and plan to spend some time inside toward the end of the week.


Written by ČTK
Published on 16.06.2020 11:17 (updated on 16.06.2020)

Intense thunderstorms with torrential rains and surging streams hit the Czech Republic on Saturday and Sunday, with firefighters tackling more than 1,300 cases of inundated buildings, fallen trees, and endangered vehicles.

Following this past weekend’s bout of extreme weather, in which the forecasted 79 mm of precipitation for the entire month of June was surpassed, more rain showers can be expected from Thursday, according to Meteopress.

From Wednesday, temperatures at night will drop to 12 to 16 degrees Celsius, during the day they will reach 21 to 25 degrees.

On Thursday the sky clouds and showers and thunderstorms are forecast with temperatures rising to 22 to 26 degrees, 11 to 15 degrees at night.

Friday will see showers and thunderstorms appear again. At night the thermometer will show 13 to 17 degrees, during the day it will be 20 to 24 degrees,

Over the weekend in the Kolín region, in the village of Konárovice, 151 millimeters of rainfall rained over the weekend. The precipitation in some places in the Pardubice Region reached 90 liters per m2, but in Konarovice, east of Prague, it was even over 115 liters, according to meteorologists.

On Saturday, the most intense rain was recorded from the areas of Zelezna Ruda, in the southwestern border Sumava mountains, Frydlant, a north Bohemia area close to the Polish border, the southeastern Zlin Region, Prague’s southern neighborhood of Libus and Korenov in the Jizerske hory mountains, north Bohemia.

The wind gusts caused trees to fall on roads and high voltage wiring in many places. On Saturday, a tall tree fell on the St Anna Church in Ceska Lipa, north Bohemia, from which 12 churchgoers were evacuated by firefighters.

In the Trebic area, south Moravia, a damaged tree threatened to fall on nearby houses, from which the residents had to be preventively evacuated.

In Prague and in the Zlin Region, the firefighters extricated vehicles that got stuck in inundated subways or mud.