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More students could return to Czech schools from June 8 under new plan from Education Ministry

Czech Education Minister Robert Plaga will propose that more students return to the classroom from June 8

Prague, May 25 (CTK) – Czech Education Minister Robert Plaga (ANO) will propose to the government today that students in upper grades at primary schools, secondary and vocational school students, and conservatory students may return to Czech schools in limited capacity from June 8, ministry spokeswoman Aneta Lednová has told CTK.

Schools can prepare activities for pupils and students according to their possibilities. They need not work on a daily basis, but rather in the form of consultations in the same way as the last graders of primary and secondary schools at present, Plaga added.

Primary schools would not have to secure instruction for older children every day, but children may attend consultation hours some days a week or during a part of the day, Lednová said.

The school reopening should let children re-establish relations with classmates and personal contacts with teachers, she added.

Secondary and vocational schools, as well as conservatories, could work on the same principle.

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“This is in harmony with the presupposed schedule of the relaxation of the lockdown measures in the education sector,” she added.

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In a similar way as for the last graders and primary school lower graders, the school attendance of other students would not be mandatory over the risk of the coronavirus spread and children would be taught in small groups of up to 15, according to the government material released to CTK.

All schools, including universities and colleges, were closed in the Czech Republic from mid-March as part of the anti-coronavirus restrictions. They started gradually reopening in May.

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