Most Wanted Czech Fugitive Features In Europol Postcard Campaign

The agency is crowd-sourcing its criminal investigations via a series of whimsical postcards featuring popular European holiday spots

Fighting crime was once a matter of detective work and anonymous phone tips. Now Europol is harnessing the power of social media—and summer holiday—to catch the most wanted criminals on the Continent.

The EU law enforcement agency’s newly released postcard set features whimsical graphics of popular attractions from various European destinations with tongue-in-cheek greetings addressed to each country’s most notorious fugitive.

Not to be outdone by Finnish forgers, Slovenian bank robbers, and Slovak murderers, there’s even a postcard for the Czech Republic.

The Czech entry is Petr Zdrazil, a 49-year-old Czech male wanted for large-scale fraud. Zdrazil is facing six years in prison.

The postcard, which depicts scenes from Prague, reads Dear Petr, We have a cold pilsner and a generous gift voucher for you. Do not miss this opportunity! See you later, Czech Police.

Most Wanted Czech Fugitive Features In Europol Postcard Campaign

Europe’s most-wanted fugitives have committed serious crimes in 21 EU countries; traditional investigative measures have so far not led to the locations of the suspects. 

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“They are believed to be hiding in a different country to where the crime was committed, and the members of ENFAST are working closely together to make sure these fugitives do not evade justice,” Europol stated in a press release.

According to the agency, holiday destinations have proven to be popular hiding places for criminals on the run from law enforcement.

“By sharing these postcards and providing information, you can help us complete that last piece of the puzzle so that we can ultimately reach the fugitives.”

Each shareable e-card allows for tipsters to write in with leads.

Go here to see additional postcards.

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