Mouflon Graze at Prague 4 Hospital

A large herd of wild sheep with young cubs was photographed at Thomayerova nemocnice yesterday afternoon

Hospital patients and staff at Prague 4’s Thomayerova nemocnice were in for a bit of a surprise on Thursday afternoon when a herd of dozens of mouflon were spotted grazing in a field next to the hospital parking lot. 

Not familiar with mouflon? The wild sheep, though to be the ancient ancestors of today’s domesticated sheep, are indigenous to the Caucasus and Anatolia regions on the European/Asian border, but have also been successfully introduced to many European countries including Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

In Prague 4’s Krč district, mouflon have lived in the forests surrounding Thomayerova nemocnice for years. Take a walk through some of the area’s many hiking trails and you might spot one yourself. They’re a big hit at the Hospital.

“The mouflon are very popular among staff and patients alike. In the pediatric psychiatry department, for example, they are used as therapy for the patients,” Hospital spokesperson Ondřej Macura told Blesk

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The population has grown in recent years, according to Blesk, given that the species has no natural predators in the region.

Evidence of this was captured yesterday when the large herd, consisting of around 25 adults and 20 cubs, was photographed and posted to social media.

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