Náplavka Improvements Are Officially Approved

Náplavka Improvements Are Officially Approved

As of Tuesday, Prague councilors have officially approved a proposal to improve the Prague waterfront experience by adding tables, chairs, and toilets to the popluar Rašínovo embankment area which currently hosts a number of events from a popular weekly farm market to theater performances, a bicycle cafe, and a floating spa and gallery.

The proposal, which envisages the use of the waterfront niches to create additional space for seating and, eventually, gallery and cultural space, was approved earlier this week.

According to Aktualne.cz, the improvements will address the immediate shortcomings that visitors frequently complain about, including the lack of seating. 

“We are planning this year to fit Rašínovo waterfront with new benches,” said Mayor Adrian Krnáčová. “We also want to test the operation of smart trash bins and lighting,” she added.

The city has allocated 13.5 million CZK for the project which should be completed next year, reports the publication.

The nooks located within the walls of the waterfront may eventually serve various purposes including cafes and galleries, though no specific conditions have been approved.

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For more on the history of the area and upcoming events along the river banks see the official Prague Waterfronts page.


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