New Cable Car to Connect Prague 6 and Prague 8
Visualization via ROPID

New Cable Car to Connect Prague 6 and Prague 8

Earlier this month, we wrote about plans for a cable car between Old Town in Prague’s city center and Letná in Prague 7 that were scrapped before they were even presented to city officials.

But another cable car project is in the works, and Prague City Hall has already preliminary agreements with the areas that would be affected, reports

The cable car would run from Podbaba in Prague 6 across the Vltava River to Troja, providing easy access to the Prague Zoo and connecting the districts of Dejvice in Prague 6 and Bohnice in Prague 8.

While located just across the river from each other, Dejvice and Bohnice lack an effective transportation route between them. Currently, ferries bring passengers across the banks of the Vltava between the districts.

The new cable car would bring passengers from the Podbaba tram stop in Prague 6 to the Galeria Krakowska Shopping Center in Prague 8, with a stop at the western end of Troja’s Prague Zoo in-between.

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Visualization via ROPID

The city estimates that the project will take five years to complete, meaning it could begin operation in 2023-4.

Costs for the cable car are projected to be in the range of 1.5 billion CZK. That’s still cheaper than a planned tramway extension in the Troja district, according to Transport Councillor Petr Dolínek.

According to the Regional Organizer of Prague Integrated Transport (ROPID), the cable car should be able to carry up to 4,000 passengers per hour. It would be paid for using standard Prague public transportation ticketing methods.

While the City has already reached preliminary agreements for the project, its timing means that final approval will come down to new officials. Local elections will be held next weekend, October 5-6.

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