New Ferry to Connect Karlín and Holešovice

New Ferry to Connect Karlín and Holešovice

Update: the ferry will begin operation from August 7, acording to The ferry will run at half-hour intervals from Holešovické tržnice to Karlín, with a stop at Štvanice in-between; public transport tickets/passes cover the fee for the journey. 

If you live or work in the Karlín district of Prague 8, you might be able to see the Holešovice district just a few hundred meters across the Vltava. Or vice versa.

But getting from Křižíkova to Pražská tržnice by public transportation might take you half an hour at off-peak hours, and will involve switching trams.

The city of Prague has long planned an easier connection between the two districts. More than a decade ago, an architectural competition was held to design a bridge for pedestrians that would connect Karlín and Holešovice. But those plans washed away with the 2002 floods.

Now, however, reports that a ferry will begin carrying passengers between the two districts – with a stop at Štvanice Island, which lies in-between them – beginning in August.

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Prague Steamboat Company, in collaboration with the transport company Ropid and the district of Prague 7, will operate the ferry, and passengers will pay for the journey through standard public transport fees.

The boat ride isn’t the first of its kind. Currently, there are five other ferries that operate on the Vltava:

  • Sedlec – Zámky
  • V Podbabě – Podhoří
  • Lihovar – Veslařský ostrov
  • Císařská louka – Výtoň – Náplavka Smíchov
  • Lahovičky – Nádraží Modřany

The ferry isn’t planned as a permanent solution. Prague 7 would still like to implement a bridge, and will attempt to seek EU funding to pay for it, according to Metro

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