Prague, Czech Republic -August 28, 2018 : A street artist makes large soap bubbles in the historical center

No more bubbles or bears: Prague sets new decree for buskers

The City of Prague has prepared new guidelines for busking that will eliminate some types of performers, and better define others

A few weeks ago, we wrote that the city of Prague was aiming to ban inflatable busking bears in the city center, deeming the performers to be lacking in artistic merit.

From later this year, those bears and other performers may no longer be seen on the streets of Prague, as the city has prepared a new decree that could be approved and put into effect from October.

In addition to inflatable bears, bubble artists will also be eliminated from the streets of Prague. The bubble-makers have often been accused of leaving behind a soapy residue which can lead to slips and falls.

Any act that is deemed to pollute or result in odors will also be banned, which covers
bubble-making, spraypainting, and other activities.

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The decree will also ban any act that “interferes with the aesthetic of the city”, which will cover the giant bears and similar performers. Of course, defining acts that violate this clause will be subjective.

The new decree will also allow for some types of performances that are prohibited by the city’s current decree. These include the use of saxophones, oboes, and piccolos, as well as small amplifiers up to five watts in power. Performances that use any type of amplifier are currently banned.

The decree also increase the amount of space a busker can use, raising it from 1.5 to two meters. A group of performers can take up to six meters of space, but must not hinder the entrance to buildings.

Areas where buskers can perform will also be more clearly defined. Busking will be prohibited in and around schools, playgrounds, cemeteries, hospitals, and churches.

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Prague citizens can comment on the decree, which is currently in the draft phase, through the end of June.

City councillors hope to approve a final version of the decree in September, meaning it could take effect from the following month.

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