Noise-free Náplavka? New rules for Prague’s embankments this spring

Events and businesses on Prague's river banks should be subject to new rules this spring

There is no greater symbol of Prague’s urban renewal than its Rašínovo nábřeží, affectionately referred to as Náplavka by those who enjoy its weekly farmers market and the on-going roster of festivals, live music, and exhibits.

But the increasing number of events and large anchored party ships and bars on both sides of the river have recently come under fire by local residents for noise violations.

And now City Hall is taking actions designed to reduce noise and limit large-scale commercial events

Representatives of the Trade Center Prague, which manages the riverbanks, met last year with area residents and representatives of Prague 2 and 5 to discuss the issue.

The solution? A new set of restrictions set to go into effect this spring.

According to the new rules, Sunday will become a so-called “quiet day” with no music allowed, while both live music and DJ sets should be banned on Monday and Tuesday after 8pm.

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On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, music can be played until 10pm; vendors should not be serve refreshments after midnight.

From April to September, large-scale events attracting thousands of people will only be allowed by the city once a month.

Advocate for the change say they will be satisfied only when the rules actually start to apply.

The construction work on the Smíchov embankment should be completed in May, at Rašínovo nábřeží by June.


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