Czech On-line Retailer to Test Delivery by Drone is planning a trial run of delivery by drone; a live stream of the event will take place on Facebook

Earlier this year made headlines by testing robotic grocery delivery, a service it hopes to implement sometime in early 2017. Now the Czech Republics second-largest on-line retailer is planning a trial run of delivery by drone, reports

According to representatives from e-shop, which plans to send out orders via unmanned aircraft this week, introduction of a service drone should reduce costs and accelerate the delivery time of shipments.

Drone delivery has been successfully tested abroad by Amazon, DHL, and Swiss Post.

Because drone activity has not yet been thoroughly legislated in the Czech Republic, the trial run will be supervised by the Civil Aviation Authority, head of Mall Group Jakub Havrlant told the publication.

Testing will take place near the distribution center in Jirny near Prague; participating shoppers will be able to track orders via live stream on the Facebook page.

Drone by aims to seamlessly transport shipments up to two kilograms which for on-line retailers make up 80 percent of orders. is currently the largest on-line retailer in the country.

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