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One Czech stays in Tenerife coronavirus quarantine, five return home

Five of the Czechs who have been in quarantine due to coronavirus in Tenerife since Monday have now departed for Czechia

Prague, Feb 28 (CTK) – Five Czechs who stayed in quarantine over new coronavirus in the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel in Tenerife from Monday have departed for Czechia, while the last, sixth Czech tourist cannot leave the hotel for the time being, Canaria Travel agency director Lenka Vikova told CTK today.

She said the five Czech tourists left the hotel in the small hours today, with the travel agency ensuring their return to Czechia with a standard commercial flight.

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“They could decide whether to stay in Tenerife, but they preferred the return,” Vikova said.

On Thursday, Czech PM Andrej Babis (ANO) told media that the Spanish authorities insist on the tourists’ immediate return home.

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The five Czechs arrived in the hotel on Monday and were scheduled to depart on March 6. However, quarantine was imposed on the hotel with about 1,000 people after one guest was diagnosed with coronavirus.

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On Thursday, the regional government and the Spanish government nodded to the release of the guests who arrived shortly before the quarantine was imposed on Monday.

Another Czech tourist, a woman, who arrived in the given hotel separately last week, has to stay there in quarantine. According to Vikova, she might leave the hotel next week, but the decision is up to the Spanish authorities.

Vikova said that Canaria Travel will offer the clients compensation for their thwarted holiday. She would not say whether the agency will offer money or another solution to them.

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