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One-third of Czechs are at least occasional smokers

Official statistics say one quarter of Czechs smoke cigarettes regularly, but a recent survey shows that the absolute number of smokers is much higher

Prague, Dec 15 (CTK) – Official statistics say one quarter of Czechs smoke cigarettes regularly, but a recent STEM/MARK survey showed that the absolute number of smokers, including occasional ones, is much higher, and that more than every third Czech lights a cigarette now and then at least.

The poll, which the STEM/MARK agency conducted for the Mutumutu online insurance project, focused on different aspects of the Czech population’s health.

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“It surprised us that Czechs pursue sport activities far from excessively. For example, 15 percent of the respondents said they never go for a walk or do so only exceptionally,” Mutumutu founder Jindrich Lenz said.

Jogging is even less popular. Only 3 percent of Czechs do jogging outdoors or in a fitness centre daily.

Only 4 percent do cycling daily, but one third of Czechs go cycling several times a month at least, the poll showed.

Ball games are quite popular with Czechs, one in ten of whom go to play football, volleyball or tennis a few times a week. One third never does this, however.

“It is interesting that among the people who shun these collective sports, women markedly prevail over men. Out of the polled women, 40 percent said they never play ball games, compared with one quarter of men,” Lenz said.

The pollsters also inquired into what would make Czechs intensify their physical exercises.

Surprisingly, people’s most efficient motive is not the prospect of their better health, fitness or longer life, but it is money, the poll showed.

“Three quarters of the respondents said they would start doing sport regularly if this had a financial effect for them. Some 62 percent, for example, would welcome a discount on their life insurance fees in exchange for their sport activity data they would share with the insurer through their smart tag or cell phone,” Lenz said.

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