Concept for the Bubny-Zátory district. via Praha.EU / IPR

Prague residents can influence the future shape of the new Bubny-Zátory neighborhood

Prague residents can comment on the plans for the Bubny-Zátory brownfield
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Prague residents can now comment on the proposed development of the Bubny-Zátory brownfield. In June, city representatives presented a proposal from the territorial study on a 110-hectare site. The study shows what the new neighborhood might look like. Now it has been published and is ready for a public comments.

People can familiarize themselves with the draft study and make comments until October 15. The proposal is available on the city website.

Comments can be sent in printed or electronic form. The Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) is also launching an information campaign. As with the presentation of the Metropolitan Plan last year, IPR is sending an information container to the area so people can learn what is planned for Bubny and how to comment.

The mobile container will be at four locations: Nádraží Holešovice on August 26–29, Strossmayerovo náměstí on September 2–5, Ortenovo náměstí on September 9–12, and Vltavská on September 16–19.

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“We look forward to constructive and factual comments that will help us fine-tune the planned new district from the citizens’ perspective. It should be noted that the study is a deliberation on how the territory should develop. It does not mean that the new district will look exactly like the study. We expect that competitions will be announced for the design of individual blocks,” Deputy Mayor Petr Hlaváček (United Force for Prague) said on the City Hall website.

Prague 7 Mayor Jan Čižinský (Praha 7 sobě) said people should be able to influence how their city will develop. “Bubny will be home to 25,000 Praguers and a place to go to work or to spend their free time. That is why we want to know their opinion and look forward to all suggestions,” he said.

The neighborhood will have some 11,000 flats, 29,000 work spaces and 5,000 spaces for students in school.

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Visualization via IPR Praha

The planning study will be officially presented by the development team October 4 at a public meeting in the Center of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAMP).

IPR director Ondřej Boháč said that for people to comment, it is essential that they understand the proposal. “So we decided to choose the same method as with the Metropolitan Plan, and go out with an information container. I believe that citizens will appreciate this step and that they will visit the container as they did last year,” he said.

The district should newly connect Letná and Holešovice and provide a home for up to 25,000 inhabitants. The authors of the territorial study are Pelčák a partner architekti and ThomasMüllerIvanReinmann architekten GmbH from Berlin.

Details of the information container and guided walks will be on Facebook and the IPR website.

A more detailed description of the proposal for a territorial study can be found in the June press release.

After the comment period is over, approval of the proposal is expected in the winter. By 2021, zoning changes should be made and the site should start to be cleared of disused structures. Construction could begin within five years and should last until 2040.

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The Bubny brownfield area during World War II was the site of a train station where tens of thousands of Prague’s Jewish residents were sent to Nazi concentration camps, most never to return. Plans for the site include a memorial.

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