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Perfect Gift for the Czech Man: a Beer & Sausage Bouquet

Have you been searching for that perfect gift for the Czech man in your life? Look no further with this unique bouquet filled with beer and sausage

Have you been searching for that perfect gift for the Czech man in your life?

Look no further: Prague-based flower shop Květiny dnes offers a unique range of gifts for men. That includes some rather unique bouquets filled with, yes, beer and sausage.

Made to resemble traditional flower bouquets, the unusual designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all have one thing in common: they’re filled with beer and sausage.

Options include items like a mini-keg bursting with greenery and mini-sausages, or a bouquet filled with cans of Pilsner, Czech salami, and even vegetables.

Popular Czech beers including Pilsner Urquell, Svijany, and Zlatopramen are available. And it’s not only beer on tap: wines and popular spirits like Becherovka and Fernet Stock are also available.

Of course, the beer and sausage bouquets from Květiny dnes aren’t only for men; women, too, might get a kick out the… unusual assortments.

And while most will appreciate the beer & sausage bouquets for the unusual design, they also serve a second purpose. Unlike traditional flower bouquets, which wither and end up in the trash, these bouquets just might wind up in your belly.

For more bouquets, including a full range of floral arrangements, see the website of Květiny dnes. Delivery is offered throughout Prague.

And for that French amoureux in your life? Květiny dnes has you covered:

(All images via Květiny dnes)

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