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Photo of Czech President Miloš Zeman at Matějská pouť funfair goes viral

A seemingly-innocuous photo of the Czech president at Prague’s popular Matějská pouť fair has been subjected to a Photoshop battle

No April Fool’s joke: Czech President Miloš Zeman yesterday stopped by the popular Matějská pouť funfair at the Výstaviště Praha Exhibition Grounds, held annually every spring.

Zeman received a gingerbread heart, and even took a ride through a haunted house with his bodyguards trailing in the cart behind.

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On Twitter, Prague Castle spokesperson Jiří Ovčáček unironically posted photos of what looks like a grand day out for the Czech president:

And almost immediately, the photo of a smiling Zeman just about to enter the haunted house was roasted online through social media.

A Photoshop battle ensued on Reddit, with a clear winner emerging in user Shashakeitup’s Tales from the Crypt comic book cover:

via Reddit / Shashakeitup

Here are some of the other submissions:

via Reddit / Medium_Pizza
via Reddit / KaliningradGeneral
Via Reddit / white_guy_jerome
via Reddit /artunitinc
via Reddit / Taydotrain17
via Reddit / stefevr

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