Pilsner Urquell recalls 5-liter mini kegs due to risk of explosion

A word of warning if you’ve purchased certain batch numbers of Pilsner mini kegs this holiday season

A word of warning if you’ve bought a 5-liter mini keg of Czech beer Pilsner Urquell this holiday season: the company has issued a recall for certain batch numbers due to a risk of explosion.

While the beer content of the kegs is safe to drink, because of the addition of yeast due to a technical defect, they can unexpectedly burst and result in leaking and potential damage.

The batch numbers potentially affected are L9 249 and L9 250, with a best before date of March 6, 2019. A total of 4500 kegs are believed to potentially be affected.

The company has helpfully released an image to assist in identifying the batch numbers:

Pilsner Urquell recalls 5-liter mini kegs due to risk of explosion
via Pilsner Urquell

While the company estimates that most of the kegs have already been consumed, they decided to warn anyone in advance of the Christmas season to avoid any holiday inconvenience.

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If you have a keg that matches the batch number, call or email Pilsner’s help desk for advice on how to proceed at +420 222 710 159 or info@prazdroj.cz.

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Pilsner’s 5-liter mini kegs retail for 369 crowns, but a discount at Kaufland last week saw them on sale for 249 crowns.

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