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Polish opinion of Czechs highest among any nationality

Na Zdrowie! Poles think higher of Czechs than any other nationality according to a recent public opinion poll

Na Zdrowie!

Polish opinion of their Czech neighbors is the highest of any nationality, according to a recent poll conducted by the Polish Public Research Opinion Center.

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When asked what they think of each foreign nationality, 56% of Polish respondents stated that they felt sympathy towards Czechs. A total of 28% of Poles were indifferent towards their Czech neighbors, while 11% expressed dislike and 5% had no opinion.

The Polish opinion of Czechs was the highest of any nationality, with Italians coming in second at 55% followed by Slovaks (53%), Hungarians (53%), and Americans (51%).

Likely a result of historical influence, 36% of Poles expressed sympathy towards Germans while 34% expressed antipathy; for Russians, it was 28% and 43%, respectively.

“Arabs” received the strongest negative marks in the poll, with 13% like and 63% dislike, but this could also be partially due to the nondescript terminology compared to other nationalities represented in the poll.

What about the Czech attitude toward Poles?

While we couldn’t find a comparative study from the Czech side, anecdotal evidence suggests that Czechs may not feel as positively about Poles as the other way around.

At the very least, Czech sympathy towards Slovaks is likely to exceed that towards Poles if a similar poll were to be conducted.

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