Prague Rated Among World’s 10 Most Sustainable Cities

A new 2016 Sustainable City Index from global consultancy firm Arcadis ranks the Czech capital among the world’s leading cities

What is a sustainable city?

According to global design & consultancy firm Arcadis, it’s one that offers a high quality of life for its citizens, good eco-friendly factors for the environment, and solid economic health for reaching long-term goals. 

In their new Sustainable City Index, Arcadis ranks the world’s leading cities according to three main sub-indexes:

  • People, which examines health, education, income inequality, work-life balance, dependency ratio, crime, housing, and cost of living;
  • Planet, which looks at energy consumption, renewable energy, green space, air pollution, drinking water, sanitation and other environmental factors;
  • and Profit, which rates cities according to business performance, transport infrastructure, tourism, GDP per capita, employment rates, and other economic factors.

While European cities dominated much of the top of the list, Asian capitals such as Singapore and Seoul also scored extremely well.

And the Czech capital rated what some may find surprisingly well, coming in at #9 among the top 100 cities in the world.

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Prague scored especially well in the People sub-index, ranking #6 overall and the Profit sub-index, coming in at #7. In the Planet sub-index, Prague ranked #31.

Faring not so well were US cities, none of which cracked the top 25; New York and Boston rated best, coming in at 26 and 34, respectively.

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What are the world’s most sustainable cities?

Here are the top 10 from the Arcadis report, along with their sustainability score:

  • 1.       Zurich – 74.6%
  • 2.       Singapore – 74.1%
  • 3.       Stockholm – 73.9%
  • 4.       Vienna – 73.4%
  • 5.       London – 73.2%
  • 6.       Frankfurt – 70.6%
  • 7.       Seoul – 69.2%
  • 8.       Hamburg – 69.2%
  • 9.       Prague – 69.1%
  • 10.   Munich – 68.6%

The full Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index 2016 can be downloaded in PDF here.

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