Prague Café Now Welcoming Cyborgs

Bitcoin Coffee is testing a new payment method that allows customers to pay via hand implant

For those who consider their contactless bank cards the wave of the future, the time has come to step up your game. A Prague café is now accepting payments via a microchip embedded in select customers’ hands.

Parallel Polis, home of the Institute of Cryptoanarchy, a hub for those who like to geek out over 3D printing, hacking, and cryptocurrencies, is now a test-site for handling payment via NFC implant in its Bitcoin Cafe.

Eleven Czech “cyborgs” reportedly have the technology inserted between thumb and forefinger, according to Czech tecchie site The chip can also be used to open the door, for data sharing, or unlocking a computer or phone.

The Parallel Polis website’s section on transhumanism describes the procedure as, “A relatively safe invasive enhancement of the human body, through which you can try biohacking literally on your own. Our cyborgs are happy to share their experiences.”

What it doesn’t say is that anyone who wants to enter the weird world of biohacking should be prepared for a giant needle. (Implants are available on DangerousThings starting at around 700 CZK).

The article predicts that the number of Czechs getting chipped is expected to double this summer.

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