Prague Castle rented out for commercial purposes for the first time in history

Louis Vuitton has booked Vradislav Hall at 15 million crowns (600,000 euros) for a gala evening event

Prague Castle is one of the Czech Republic’s most-visited tourist destinations, the seat of the country’s current government as well as the Kings of Bohemia dating back to the ninth century, and often regarded as one of the most impressive castles in the world.

And now, it might also be becoming a lucrative destination to be pimped out to major foreign corporations, as French fashion brand Louis Vuitton has booked Prague Castle’s Baroque Vradislav Hall for a private event to be held next Saturday.

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“I can confirm that the Louis Vuitton gala dinner will take place in the Vladislav Hall on June 22,” David Šebek, spokesman for the Prague Castle Administration, told Aktuálně.cz.

It will be the first time in history that Prague Castle’s Vladislav Hall has been rented out for commercial purposes.

The agreement to rent out part of Prague Castle was not taken lightly, according to Šebek, and the client was carefully chosen.

“Prague Castle Administration (…), knowing that it will cooperate with a brand that has been associated with cultural heritage throughout its existence, has quite exceptionally agreed to hold an event on the premises of Prague Castle,” he said.

“Prague Castle Administration sees the cooperation as confirmation of the fact that Prague Castle has a significant place in amongst global cultural heritage.”

During the gala event, to be held from 15:00 – 23:00, Louis Vuitton will present a new line of jewelry to 340 clients. The evening will include a banquet featuring a cocktail party and dinner.

While the event will only last eight hours, Vladislav Hall and the surrounding Old Royal Palace will be closed for a total of five days as the premises are made available to Louis Vuitton for preparations.

For the rare ability to use Prague Castle as the backdrop for their gala evening, Louis Vuitton will pay a premium price totaling 15 million crowns (605,000 euros).

This isn’t the first time that Louis Vuitton has attempted to book a Prague landmark for a private event. The company also tried to book out Charles Bridge on two separate occasions in 2006 and 2016, but the City of Prague ultimately deemed that they didn’t not want to close the landmark to the public.

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