Prague's Old Town Square at Christmas

Prague City Hall launches web guide to all the city’s holiday events

City Hall has put all Prague's municipal holiday events in one easy to use website
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Prague City Hall has launched a new section for Christmas on its web portal. Residents and visitors will find information about Christmas events organized by the city districts and institutions such as the Prague Zoo and the Municipal Library. The website will also include current photos of Christmas markets in Old Town and Wenceslas Square, which run from November 30 to January 6.

It also points out events such as the historically costumed lamp lighters who will light the gas lamps on Charles Bridge at sunset December 1–23, and family events such as special events on public transportation, performances of holiday music, or places to go on December 5 to see angels and devil on the eve of St Nicholas (Svatý Mikuláš). Information is in Czech but can easily be translated with online tools.

The city districts, which have their own events planned, are also on the website. Many of these events get overlooked but are often friendlier and less hectic than the ones downtown. Attending these local events also takes pressure off of the crowds downtown.

There is also information about live Christmas trees that can be planted after the holidays, and other ecological news.

“Christmas in Prague has an extraordinary atmosphere, which in addition to the world-famous Christmas markets is also illustrated by a number of events held in the capital. We know from previous years that some people did not even know about them. This led us to launch the Christmas in Prague section. directly on our website. I firmly believe that everyone here will find their own,” Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) said.

Up to date information about the Christmas markets will also help promote public safety.

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“Christmas and the Christmas markets in Prague are inherently linked to a greater concentration of people in some places, which is why, as every year, we are introducing preventive security measures. One of them is the repeated lighting of the Christmas tree, which has proved its worth. Thanks to this bonus people will not have to squeeze at one point in one place, which contributes to their greater safety and comfort,” Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček (United Force for Prague) said.

Throughout Advent, security will be overseen by more police and security officers who will primarily move in places with a greater concentration of people. These include, for example, squares, transfer hubs and public transport.

Wenceslas Square and náměstí Republiky, where Christmas markets also take place, will again be fitted with security city blocks. In the Old Town Square, these security measures have long been in place.

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