Prague Club Installs Toilet for Vomiting

Image of standing “puking toilet” goes viral after being posted to Reddit

Have you ever felt humiliated when having to hug the basin of a public toilet while you regurgitate the contents of your stomach after one too many pints?

Well, one Prague club might have just the thing you need. 

Yesterday, Reddit user ThangCZ posted an image from a club in the Czech capital of a so-called “puking toilet”, which consists of a chest-high toilet bowl, a flushing mechanism, and two handrails to help the inebriated keep their balance while losing their lunch. 

Printed instructions next to the toilet direct potential pukers on how to use the device, though most in that state won’t have time to read them.

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, Prague Club Installs Toilet for Vomiting, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic
Photo: Vladimír Kincl / Imgur

The image quickly went viral, racking up over 1000 comments in less than 24 hours. 

The UK’s Daily Mail was quick to pick up the image (“Better than kneeling on a sticky bathroom floor!”) and spoke to ThangCZ, a Prague resident and local gamer whose real name is Vladimír Kincl. The venue was identified as Club Kotelna, presumably this “social club” in Prague 10

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The vomit receptacle is not an entirely unique device, however. The Mail points out that some German fraternities have special spittoons (Speibecken) in their restrooms specifically designed for this purpose. 

According to the entry for Speibecken, luxury models are equipped with padded armrests for the comfort of the inebriated. 

Maybe some of Prague’s higher-end establishments will be able to top the example above.

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